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Rattle That Lock

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Rattle That Lock
5 A.M.
Rattle That Lock
Faces Of Stone
A Boat Lies Waiting
Dancing Right In Front Of Me
In Any Tongue
The Girl In The Yellow Dress
And Then ...

The Girl In The Yellow Dress

(Das Mädchen Im Gelben Kleid)

Text: Polly Samson
Musik: David Gilmour
Vocals: David Gilmour
aus: Rattle That Lock    (18.09.2015)

Bearbeiter: KatzenHai
Stand:       25.09.2015 16:49:48

Polly Samson, Schriftstellerin und Ehefrau von David Gilmour, erzählte in einem Interview 2015, den Text zu diesem Lied bereits für "On An Island" (2006) geschrieben zu haben - "der einzige Text, den David je zurückgewiesen hat" (http://www.ew.com/article/2015/09/16/polly-samson-david-gilmour-pink-floyd).

Polly: "When I was 18, when I first lived in London, I didn’t know anyone, I was very lonely, I used to go to this jazz club called Tufnell Park Tavern, on my own. I’d get my pint of lager, sit there, lonely. And there was a very very old man that played saxophone and he played it so beautifully that I developed a sort of saxophone crush. I must have freaked him out—you know, 18-year-old girl sitting there, staring at him every time he played."
"And so when that jazzy piece of music was first presented to me I thought, Oh, I’ll write about that. I wrote a song about my rather bizarre saxophone crush and David looked at these notes and said, “I don’t want to sing that, thank you.” After that failure, I stopped trying, really until Phil (Manzanera, guitarist and regular Gilmour collaborator) said one day, “Polly, you know, that song, it’s about a beautiful sexy woman. Come on, you can do that.” I thought David can’t sing about another woman. Then, I was thinking, ‘Well it is beautiful and I’ve got to come up with something.’ I was sitting in the room where I write, and I looked up, and David has a painting, and it’s set in a jazz club, and it’s a girl dancing in a yellow dress, and she’s got her hand on the shoulder of one man, but her eye contact is absolutely with, as it happens, the sax player. I was sitting, staring at this painting, and I thought, Oh my god, that’s who it’s about. It’s the closest to a short story that I’ve ever written as a song lyric. As soon as I noticed I thought, I just want to write their story: what is going on here?"

The Girl In The Yellow Dress

Das Mädchen Im Gelben Kleid


She mesmerises with a smile
Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon
That girl in the canary yellow dress
Says yes

Sie hypnotisiert mit einem Lächeln
Dunkle Augen so zwingend wie der Bourbon
Das Mädchen im kanariengelben Kleid
Sagt Ja


She flips a pack of cigarettes
He doesn't smoke but he takes one nonetheless
It helps to keep his motives true
What else is the poor boy supposed to do?

Sie klappt ein Zigarettenpäckchen auf
Er raucht nicht, aber er nimmt dennoch eine
Es hilft ihm seine Wünsche zu kontrollieren
Was sonst soll der arme Kerl schon machen?


She dances like a flame
Words unheard
Eyes closed and yellow dress
Whirls and swirls

Sie tanzt wie eine Flamme
Ungehörte Worte
Augen geschlossen und gelbes Kleid
Schleudert und wirbelt


It's late the hour's growing horns
The band seems to draw her ever closer
This girl gets right down in the groove
Woos and moves
Leads him out to where they play the blues

Es ist schon spät, die Stunde ist schlecht drauf,
Die Band scheint sie noch weiter anzuziehen
Dieses Mädchen geht im Groove auf
Wirbt und bewegt
Führt ihn hinaus, dorthin, wo sie den Blues spielen


She dances like a flame
Has no cares, yellow dress flares
Eyes closed, arms above, she shakes
Swirls and snakes

Sie tanzt wie eine Flamme
Unvorsichtig, das gelbe Kleid flackert
Augen geschlossen, Arme erhoben, sie schwingt,
Wirbelt und schlängelt


Too late in this folie à trois
He sees that her heart is pounding for
Big daddy who falls down to his knees
Begging her please
Lifts his sax, says here's my little tease

Zu spät in diesem Folie à Trois
Er sieht, wofür ihr Herz schlägt:
Big Daddy, der auf die Knie sinkt
Sie bittet und fleht
Er hebt sein Saxophon und sagt „Hier ist meine kleine Neckerei“

Franz. "Folie à Trois" ist etwa mt „Dreieckswahnsinn“ zu übersetzen

Her dancing sets the place on fire
Heaven and hell
The flames curl up his spine
As she shakes, whirls and snakes

Ihr Tanzen zündet den Ort an
Himmel und Hölle
Die Flammen kräuseln seinen Rücken hoch
Während sie schwingt, wirbelt und schlängelt


Franz. "Folie à Trois" ist etwa mt „Dreieckswahnsinn“ zu übersetzen

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