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Flickering Flame

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Flickering Flame
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Towers Of Faith

(Türme Des Glaubens)

Text: Waters
Musik: Waters
Vocals: Waters
aus: Flickering Flame    (29.04.2002)

Bearbeiter: so.iss.das
Stand:       10.09.2008 15:20:13

Towers Of Faith

Ooooh, the lonely boys
In their towers of faith
Ooooh, the lonely boys
Locked in their towers of faith

The prophet reclined
On the Golan Heights

Ohhh, the lonely boys

He said, this land is my land
To the Shiites

Ooooh, the lonely boys

And Jehova looked up from the sea of Galilee beneath
He said, I see you, you thief
This land is my land
And this sand is my sand
And this band is my band
Oh the lonely boys
Lookin' over their shoulder
Checkin out every boulder in the park
Where the gates are closed from hate
After dark

And the Pope rolled up in his armored van
He fell on his knees and kissed the land
He said something that I did not understand
It was in polish
Then up stepped an aide
He said, I will translate
Here is what His Holiness said:
'I am the Chief Jesuit.'
'This land is Jesus' land.'
'And that is all'
'All that there is to it.'
Hail Mary
Mother of God

And in New York City
The business man in his mohair suit
In the world trade center
Puffs on his cheroot
And he said,
Well I don't care who owns the desert sands
My brief
Is with the hydrocarbons underneath
And the sea of battle rages
Around the ancient tombs
And mother nature licks her wounds
And the lonely boys locked in their towers of faith
Who are nervous in the park
When the gates are closed after dark
Ooooh, the lonely boys
In their towers of faith
Ooooh, the lonely boys
Locked in their towers of faith

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