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Wet Dream

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Wet Dream
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Pink's Song
Funky Deux

Pink's Song

(Pinks Lied)

Text: Wright
Musik: Wright
Vocals: Wright
aus: Wet Dream    (22.09.1978)

Bearbeiter: Hey You
Stand:       10.09.2008 15:07:31

Pink's Song

Quiet, smiling friend of mine
Thrown into our lives
You gave everything you could
Saw through our disguise

I had to stay I could not leave
Give me time so I can breathe
Give me time to be at ease

Patiently, you watched us play
Parts you'd seen before
Even then, we sometimes asked
What you keep us for

Caught between the tangled web
You helped set us free
Sadly, then, you lost yourself
So you had to leave

And I must go, be on my way
Let me go, I can not stay
Let me go, I must not stay

And I must go, be on my way
Let me go, I cannot stay
Let me go, I must not stay

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