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«a Ira. There Is Hope.

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«a Ira. There Is Hope.
The Gathering Storm
A Garden in Vienna, 1765
Kings, Sticks And Birds
The Grievances of the People
France in Disarray
The Fall Of The Bastille
Dances And Marches
The Letter
Silver, Sugar And Indigo
The Papal Edict
The Fugitive King
The Commune De Paris
The Execution Of Louis Capet
Marie Antoinette - The Last Night On Earth

The Letter

(Der Brief)

Text: Waters
Musik: Waters
aus: «a Ira. There Is Hope.    (26.09.2005)

Bearbeiter: Hey You
Stand:       10.02.2008 18:09:43
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The Letter

Imprisoned in the Tuileries
The King makes locks
To the sound of the ticking clocks
And the rain falling on his window pane
Makes him think of his cousin Bourbon
Safe in his castle in Spain

My Dear Cousin Bourbon of Spain
This letter I entrust to a courier faithful and sure
Is to calm your fears and tell you cousin dear
My heart is pure
This red cap I wear,
These lies they've made me swear
Are repugnant to my soul
My very bones cry out in pain
Cousin Bourbon of Spain
You know my feelings well
You've heard what I've had to say
But now all my beliefs
Have been snatched by these thieves
And cruelly torn away
But none of the scum who run through the streets
Taking law from a bottle of wine
Could presume to assume the fealty due
To me or to you from your subjects or Mine
My dear cousin Bourbon n of Spain
Let's make a pact, let's campaign
Let us whip back to their kennels again
These dogs who speak of virtue
Help me, cousin
Help me cousin Bourbon of Spain

The ship of state is all at sea
The King is confused
'Tis hard enough to place one foot before the last
To tread a path preordained by a law divine
But to pad all aimless on a shifting sea
Each man an island free to choose his fate
God's death; what dizzy, giddy, fall from grace...
Commerce, that barometer of faith
Tolls warning of the coming storm
No coffee in the marketplace
No peace on earth for rich or poor

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