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Flickering Flame

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Flickering Flame
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Each Small Candle
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Each Small Candle

(Jede Kleine Kerze)

Text: Waters
Musik: Waters
Vocals: Waters
aus: Flickering Flame    (29.04.2002)

Bearbeiter: so.iss.das
Stand:       29.01.2008 15:45:58

Each Small Candle

Not the torturer will scare me
Nor the body's final fall
Nor the barrels of death's rifles
Nor the shadows on the wall
Nor the night when to the ground
The last dim star of pain, is held
But the blind indifference
Of a merciless unfeeling world
Lying in the burnt out shell
Of some Albanian farm
An old Babushka
Holds a crying baby in her arms
A soldier from the other side
A man of heart and pride
Breaks ranks, lays down his rifle
And kneels by her side
He binds her wounds
He gives her food
And calms the crying child
She gives him absolution then
Across the great divide
He picks his way back through the broken
China of her life
And there at the kerb
The samaritan Serb turns..
Turns and waves.. goodbye
And each small candle
Lights a corner of the dark

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