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Is This The Life We Really Want?

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Is This The Life We Really Want?
When We Were Young
Déjà Vu
The Last Refugee
Picture That
Broken Bones
Is This The Life We Really Want?
Bird In A Gale
The Most Beautiful Girl
Smell The Roses
Wait For Her
Oceans Apart
Part Of Me Died

The Most Beautiful Girl

(Das schönste Mädchen)

Text: Roger Waters
Musik: Roger Waters
Vocals: Roger Waters
aus: Is This The Life We Really Want?    (02.06.2017)

Bearbeiter: Neccropole (Transkript, Übersetzung), KatzenHai
Stand:       12.06.2017 13:28:17
Roger Waters dazu:
"You wait until you see a picture of her. Because she’s real! She’s actually in a documentary movie called 'Dirty Wars' that a guy called Jeremy Scott, an American filmmaker, made.* There’s one bit of it about a missile, a cruise missile attack on Yemen by Americans. This is a girl who’s killed by the cruise missile but we have film of this particular child who, when I saw this kid — I just went, "Oh" in pain. So that’s kind of what that song is about."

Der Film ist einschlägig in Streamingportalen zu finden - die Szene, die Roger meint, ist die ab Minute 34:20 etwa (der Handlungsstrang zum Yemen beginnt etwa bei Minute 32:15)

The Most Beautiful Girl

She may well have been
The most beautiful girl in the world
Her life snuffed out
Like a bulldozer crushing a pearl

The secret committee
Deep in its lair
Conveniently far
From the cold desert air
Puts a tick in a box,
Turns the key in a lock
To loosen the bonds in her hair

Sleep if you can
Wrapped safe in your cloak
The tumbledown twilight
Havana smoke
Caught in your throat
Mistress Liberty's dance
Held you in its trance
Her bosoms were loaded with nectar and lances
"Well, boys", she said
"You have broken the trust.
Hold onto that stick if you must."

Take a fresh grip
On the crucible rune
The patchwork of ashes
Sweeps away love like a broom
Madness comes down
Like the crackpot of ages
The raging of angels
Cathedral of stars
Christopher Robin says
"Alice, go home now.
They're no longer changing the guard."

"Hold on", she said
"You're breaking my heart"
It's weird how the steel rails
Disappear into the dark
They clung to the ivory tower on her braids
They were never afraid of falling
But the bomb hit the spot where the numbers all stop
And the last thing they heard was her calling...

Home, I'm coming home
I'm the life that you gave
I'm the children you save
I'm the promise you made
I'm the woman you crave

So hold on
I'm coming home
(Hold on, I'm coming home)

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